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We are proud and excited to be serving as realtors in Guanacaste Costa Rica. This is our home as well and we love all of the unique and exciting things it has to offer. From sodas with fresh, homemade, local cuisine, to adventure parks with local wildlife and canopy tours, to the numerous beaches at sunset; there is something for everyone here. We can’t wait for you to experience life in one of these beautiful communities. 

Playa Avellanas

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This community is tucked away about 30 minutes south of Tamarindo. The beach is one of the most amazing features with great waves for surfing and areas broken up by rock that make for great swimming. The powdery white sand beach is surrounded by mangroves and a dry forest with great flora and fauna.

The permanent population here is very small, maybe in the low hundreds. If you are looking for a very rural place to live, this may be the perfect place to call home. There is just a little market, a few restaurants, surf schools, and the Waldorf School here. There hasn’t been any major development here and the expat and Ticos are a close knit community that want to protect the natural beauty and resources here.

Playa Brasilito

Brasilito is one of the smaller beach communities along the Guanacaste Costa Rica Gold Coast. You can often stroll along the beach alone and listen to the peaceful sounds of the ocean. If you walk about 10 minutes up the beach you’ll arrive at the nearest neighbor, Playa Conchal. Here there is the Westin Golf Resort and a large gated community called Reserva Conchal. 

There are small markets in the town of Brasilito along with sodas and restaurants with great sunset views. Because there aren’t any huge developments in Brasilito, you can find a nice place to buy for a reasonable price. If there’s something you want, but are unable to find, this community is surrounded by areas with more offerings, such as Playa Flamingo, Playa Potrero, and Tamarindo. There’s definitely a funky vibe here and an interesting atmosphere, so Playa Brasilito should be considered if you’re planning on moving to Costa Rica.

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Playas Del Coco

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Playas Del Coco is the largest community in the Gulf Of Papagayo: what started as a small fishing community has grown exponentially over the last few decades. There is a permanent population there of about 14,000 and all the necessities and amenities needed for residents. There are numerous popular local bars and restaurants as well as some familiar chains from abroad (like Subway). There are multiple grocery stores and pharmacies as well as clothing and swimwear shops. 

There are an abundance of outdoor activities such as fishing, sailing, surfing, kayaking, scuba diving, and snorkeling. Or, you can just lay around and relax on the soft volcanic sand beach. There are a few school options if you’re planning on moving with kids and communities with an older demographic if you’re retiring to paradise.

Playa Flamingo

Playa Flamingo is in the heart of what is known as the Gold Coast of Guanacaste Costa Rica. It has an amazing mix of unspoiled beachfront and nature and plenty of real estate with modern amenities. Most houses and neighborhoods are built into the mountains, so you will have amazing views whether you live in a $300,000 condo or $1,000,000 estate. 

There are a few small markets, restaurants, sodas, and a local fish guy where you can buy seafood right off his refrigerated truck. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you are about 20 minutes from Tamarindo. This community is also home to Mar Vista, one of the premier gated communities in Guanacaste. Whether you are a retiree looking for a quiet place with privacy, or a family with kids, you can find everything you need in and around the beautiful Playa Flamingo

Costa Rica has also invested about $50 million in a new marina project. It will include wet slips, dry boat storage, a fueling station, a hotel, as well as mixed use retail and residential real estate. This development, which is slated to finish in 2025, makes this the perfect time to invest in real estate in this community.

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Playa Grande

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Playa Grande is a tight knit community that many expats say feels like more of a big family than anything else. There are no fast food restaurants here and local restaurants pride themselves on using the freshest, local ingredients. There is so much natural beauty in this area that you are sure to see monkeys, sea turtles, pizotes, land crabs, and an abundance of other wildlife while you visit or live here. 

There is not really a downtown area in Playa Grande and it is more spread out into different neighborhoods. However, there are still grocery stores, an emergency clinic, surf shops, restaurants, yoga studios, and even a tiny school. 

Surfing is the most popular pastime here and people come from all over Costa Rica to catch the amazing waves. Sometimes, local bars and restaurants host evening events like live music. There is a lot of small town charm here mixed in with opportunities for adventure.

Playa Hermosa

Only a 25 minute drive from Liberia’s international airport, this idyllic community is perfect for those seeking a more relaxed lifestyle. Here you will have year round temperatures from the high 20’s to around 32℃ and experience everything the beautiful beach and the dry rainforest has to offer. There are plenty of outdoor activities, like scuba diving and sport fishing. Also, the community earned the Blue Flag award for protecting its natural treasures and providing safety to its residents.  

Although there’s a smaller permanent population here, there is still plenty to do. There are unique sodas, bars, and restaurants, and a grocery store in the center of town. There are activities like mini golf and a movie theater. There are a couple of private schools near Playa Hermosa as well: Hermosa Valley School and Lakeside International School, which is actually in Playas Del Coco.

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Playa Langosta

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Even though it is only 1.2 miles (2 km) south of Tamarindo, Langosta has a very different vibe. As opposed to Tamarindo, there are few restaurants, hotels, and rentals here, which makes it more relaxed with a quieter atmosphere. You’ll be able to walk the beach alone here during sunset and explore the tide pools with few other people hanging around. The surfing is great here as well and since there are fewer people, you won’t have to fight over those big swells. 

There are upscale, gated communities here as well as properties tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Tamarindo. Expats make up the majority of residence here, so if you want a beachside expat community, this may be right for you.

Playa Portrero

This quaint, coastal town with pastures, overhanging forest, and beautiful beaches is home to many expats. The town has modern amenities such as high speed internet, clean water, grocery stores, and a good selection of goods and services. It is about 20 minutes from Tamarindo and 5 minutes from Playa Flamingo, so anything you cannot find in town, you have access to pretty quickly. This makes it a great location for retirees and families with school aged children as well. 

There are many restaurants in the center of town and some offer live music and entertainment in the evenings. Playa Potrero has white and black sand beaches and you can participate in various outdoor activities, like rafting, sailing, and sport fishing. People who live or visit there describe the community as one of the friendliest places they’ve been to.

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If you are looking for a place in Guanacaste Costa Rica that has natural beauty with more hustle and bustle, Tamarindo is for you. This town is one of the hottest tourist destinations and the closest you might get to city living.

It is such a neat town with numerous restaurant options and varying types of cuisine as well as street vendors doing open air grilling. There are many outstanding shops; some with unique clothes, household items, and swimwear. There are also shops with cute, kitschy knick-knacks and trinkets that make perfect souvenirs or gifts. There’s also more of a night life here, with a casino, a few clubs, bars and breweries. 

Since there is a large expat community in Tamarindo and the surrounding areas, there are a variety of private school options in the area.  There are also a lot of activities for families; like a skate park, surf camps, and other outdoor adventures. 

Although Tamarindo is more densely populated, there are plenty of opportunities to relax on the beach and enjoy a slower pace of life. This is definitely a popular destination for expat families and retirees.

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