Why Choose Us?

There are hundreds of realtors in Costa Rica and there are hundreds more who just make it a hobby or thing to do in their spare time. With numerous options out there most people have a difficult time knowing who to choose to help them pursue their real estate dreams abroad. At Evoke Realty Group, our exceptional client services and diverse business experiences make us the best choice for a Real Estate Agency in Guanacaste Costa Rica. 

Best Experience Guarantee

Real Estate Agency in Guanacaste Costa Rica | Evoke Realty

We guarantee that you will have the best real estate experience. If at any time you feel you’d like to pursue another option, you can cancel your agreement with us at no cost to you.

Many Broker Agreements include a cancellation fee and most times, it is a percentage of the listing price. Also, a cancellation fee will be part of a Buyer’s Agent Agreement. Many realtors view this as compensation for services rendered even if you move on and they haven’t made a sale or found you your dream home. 

This practice is crap. Why would you want to pay for a service that didn’t get you the result you wanted?! At Evoke Realty Group, we do not include any type of fee whether we are working with buyers or sellers of real estate. We believe we should get paid when you have had the best real estate experience. 

Team Approach

We are a team. Even if you hire James, Tiffany will be working behind the scenes to ensure you have an amazing experience. Likewise, if you hire Tiffany, James will be doing everything he can to make sure you get the best real estate deal possible. In addition, we have a network of professionals with a vast amount of expertise that will ensure you have a remarkable real estate experience. 

Our teams’ array of skills includes client care, negotiations and sales, construction/building expertise, marketing, social media, photography, videography (including aerial), home staging, and finance. With James, Tiffany, and our network of professionals, you will be supported through every aspect of buying or selling your home.

Evoke Realty Group is proud to be part of KRAIN Costa Rica, a premier real estate agency in Guanacaste Costa Rica, with an expansive team of administrative staff, widespread location service availability, a large network of agents, reputable attorneys, accountants, and escrow companies, and more services that ensure you are covered when it comes to buying or selling in Costa Rica. 

Real Estate Agency in Guanacaste Costa Rica | Evoke Realty Group

KRAIN Real Estate offers professionalism, knowledge, and the highest quality of service as all of their realtors are fully licensed and have chosen real estate as their profession. This means that they are the best at what they do and are one of the top agencies in Costa Rica for luxury real estate. They are the only company in Costa Rica that has global real estate marketing affiliations that reaches 132 countries and 18 different languages. 

Whether you want to live on the beach, at the golf course, or in the jungle, or even if you want to invest in commercial property, our team at Evoke Realty Group and KRAIN will make sure all your real estate needs are met. If you want to ensure you get top dollar for a residential or commercial property you are selling, we have the resources and reach to make that happen. 

Virtual Team in your Pocket

Real Estate Agency in Guanacaste Costa Rica | Evoke Realty

Although we strongly urge you to visit Costa Rica prior to making a purchase, we understand that it is not always possible. And, you still want to get that piece of paradise. That is why you can still get an amazing virtual client experience from Evoke Realty Group. We are ready to work with you through a virtual meeting space, provide you with live virtual property tours, and still provide the expertise and quality client service you need to make an informed decision about buying or selling real estate in Costa Rica. We have our flip flops in the sand when you can’t.

Complimentary Services

There is a lot to think about when buying or selling a home. But, we have you covered with that long to-do list and will make sure you are not overwhelmed.

  • Home Staging Consultation: A professional presentation of your home will give it an exceptional aesthetic appeal and help it sell for top dollar. Home staging enhances your home’s photos and impresses viewers at live showings. Evoke Realty Group will ensure the appearance of your home is optimized to excite your buyers.  
  • Professional Photography: A picture is worth a thousand words, and in Real Estate, thousands of dollars. You need to show the full potential of your home and you can’t do that with amateur phone photos taken in terrible lighting. When you work with our professional photographers, your home will be expertly showcased when you list. Websites and social media have become incredibly important to buyers and sellers alike, so we will always make sure your property leaves an amazing impression on viewers. 
  • State of the Art Video Tours: Imagine being able to go to an open house 24/7 from the comfort of your own home. If you are selling through us, we will make sure your home is beautifully showcased in a virtual tour for all potential buyers. 
  • Twilight Photography: The sunsets here in Costa Rica are breathtaking and they can only amplify the beauty of your home. All of our clients will receive a professional twilight photo shoot to capture the evening appeal of your property. Potential buyers will be captivated by this perspective and fall in love with your Costa Rica listing.
  • Aerial Videography and Photography (for appropriate properties): Your potential buyers will have a complete look at your property and the view of the natural surroundings here in Costa Rica. Aerial photography and videography is a great way to offer a unique perspective to buyers and sellers and will get properties the attention they deserve. 
Real Estate Agency in Guanacaste Costa Rica | Evoke Realty

Superior Marketing

Real Estate Agency in Guanacaste Costa Rica | Evoke Realty
  • Premium Feature Magazine: Why have a feature sheet when you can have an entire magazine featuring your home and neighborhood?! This professionally designed feature magazine will leave potential buyers with a memorable and lasting impression. 
  • Reputable Signage: You will not get a hand painted “se vende” sign on an old piece of plywood from us. You also won’t get one with the same boring flamingos and sunsets that almost everyone has. Our modern, fresh signage will help your property stand out and add a prestigious element to your listing. 
  • Open Houses: When agents and interested buyers are able to see your home and all its potential, you are more likely to get an offer. Whether it is in person or a virtual open house, we will make sure you get this additional exposure so your property will sell at an excellent price. 
  • Website and Online Presence: The internet is where most people go to look for real estate prior to visiting properties in person. Your listing will be promoted on high-traffic real estate websites and other online sources. We want hundreds of people to see your property and a strong online presence will help make sure that happens.
  • Social Media: In addition to traditional websites, social media is another place where we can maximize exposure. From feature images, to videos, to Instagram stories, we highlight each of our client’s listings to get engagement and attract more people to your listing. 
  • Local, National And Global Realtor Exposure: Your listing will be advertised to numerous brokerages, which is another avenue to increase exposure for your home. Our real estate agency in Guanacaste Costa Rica has affiliations with international organizations. That means your property will be viewed from potential buyers throughout the world.

Giving Back

We believe that it is vital to give back to the communities we serve. Evoke Realty Group has had this belief since our inception. In fact, in 2019 our Canadian company won the City of Barrie “Pay it Forward” Business Award. That year  we donated 5% of our net commissions to local charities. It felt great to be recognized for something that was so meaningful to us. Our real estate agency in Guanacaste Costa Rica is committed to continuing that practice and will donate 6% of net commissions to local charities of our clients’ choices. 

Real Estate Agency in Guanacaste Costa Rica | Evoke Realty Group

Global Affiliates

All of our affiliates have additional unique things to offer our clients. 

Real Estate Agency in Guanacaste Costa Rica | Evoke Realty
  • NAI Global is a world leader in commercial real estate transactions. If you are looking to capitalize on the commercial real estate landscape in Costa Rica, working with our team, which is affiliated with NAI Global, will provide you with additional experience, expertise, and resources. Together we will make sure you understand the best use of the property, help you calculate projected building costs and returns on investment, and help you devise a strategy to maximize your profits.
  • Leading RE is a network of top real estate companies in the world. They do not allow just anyone to be a member of their organization. Rather, they work with select, market-leading companies that have excelled in service and results. Our affiliation with Leading RE demonstrates the level of commitment we have to quality service and client care. 
  • Luxury Portfolio International is a group of Leading RE agencies that have a commitment to high end, luxury real estate. This affiliation provides us with invaluable international connections that will benefit both our sellers and our buyers. As a seller, your property will have international exposure and high profile media promotion. As a buyer, you will have the opportunity to view only the best, luxury offerings in Costa Rica or the international community at large (if you so desire). We are proud to represent the LPI brand and provide incomparable service to our high net worth clients. 
  • Mayfair International is another partnership that gives us additional knowledge and expertise in unique property listings. Whether you are interested in buying or selling equestrian real estate, golf real estate, or other types of high net worth real estate, the depth of knowledge and experience brought to the table by this organization ensures you will make an incredible deal. 

We know all clients expect and deserve the best. With the wealth of experience, resources, and services Evoke Realty Group has to offer, we are confident we will provide you with the best real estate experience. In addition, our desire to give back to local communities is another mark of our commitment to excellence as a top real estate agency in Guanacaste Costa Rica. Providing our clients and communities with exceptional service has always resulted in unparalleled success and we will continue that success with you.

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Realtors in Costa Rica | Evoke Realty Group
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Realtors in Costa Rica | Evoke Realty Group
Realtors in Costa Rica | Evoke Realty Group